Dump Truck Service
A DOT & PUC certified bulk carrier
4924 Lincoln Hwy West
Rt. 30 & KBS Road
P.O. Box 7
Thomasville, PA 17364

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US Department of Transportation # 246709
Motor Carrier # 152474
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission # A95496
US Dept. of Labor, Mine Safety & Health Contractor ID# BHD



KBS, Inc takes pride in the quality of our topsoil, both screened and contractor grade. We can deliver to your home or job site. Have your own truck? Swing by our yard at 4924 Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville and enter the side of the building where you see the "Topsoil Sales" sign.


Current Topsoil Rates

Screened Topsoil: $40/cubic yard

Unscreened Topsoil: $30/cubic yard

Fill Ground: $125/load


Minimum purchase per load is 5 cubic yards
Maximum load quantity is 20 cubic yards
Additional charges for hauling would apply if delivered
All purchases will have state tax added to price

Based on availability